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 Battle for Wesnoth

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PostSubject: Battle for Wesnoth   Sat Sep 10, 2011 11:24 pm

I'm surprised with how few people play this game. It's free, which is the first reason why I love this game, and it's a strategy game, which is the second reason I love this game. I highly recommend this game to anyone that like Turn-Based Strategy games similar to the Advanced Wars series. For more information on the game go to

Gameplay: 8/10

It's easy to learn the basics to this game, but there is quite a lot of depth to the mechanics that more experienced players begin to see. The default factions offer a wide range of flexibility for those with different playing styles. There are 2 reasons this doesn't have a 10/10 for gameplay. The first is that there is only 1 AI difficulty, which can make things difficult when somebody first starts playing. The second reason is the random number generator, which always seems to favour the AI and can completely screw the player over at a critical time. For example, you can have an 80% chance of hitting a target and only hit once out of 4 attacks, while an AI will hit all 4 times with 50% accuracy.

Customization: 10/10

This game offers a wide range of options for customization, with an add-on server for those that want to add more factions, maps, or campaigns. Battle for Wesnoth also includes a Map Editor, that is very easy to use, unlike the EA map editor (for those of you that have attempted to use it).

Multiplayer: 8/10

The multiplayer in this game has a very clean interface, and offers all of the benefits of single player. Players can use downloaded factions and self-made maps in multiplayer. The only downfall is that on occasion players can get "out of sync" errors because not both players have the same map to read off of, or similar problems.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10


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Battle for Wesnoth
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